AKTA Start

Protein purification with 280 UV and fraction collector to simplify protein collection. Lab has a variety of columns (His trap, size exclusion, anion/cation exchange) and a super loop

Fragment Analyzer

Capillary electrophoresis equipment that allows for the automatic detection of DNA or RNA sizing. Can be used for genotyping, CRISPR screens, and RNA quality analysis

EpiShear Probe Sonicator

Ultrasonic processor that is ideal for shearing chromatin and DNA for ChIP-Seq

Bacterial Shaker

Shaker for growing proteins, including ability for cold temp inductions

Cell Cryo System

Cryo storage of all the labs iPSC and Primary cell lines

Cell Culture Incubators

Culturing of mammalian cells with ability to control O2 levels down to 1%. Within one of the incubators we also have a shaker for suspension culture and organoids


Syringe injectors to control the flow of liquid over cell culture devices

Cell Imaging

Evos XL (4X, 10X, 20X, 40X objectives) for routine cell imaging, Countess FL for automates cell counting including GFP cube, Evos FLoid for routine fluorescence imaging.

Cell Electroporation

Controllable electroporation system with 96/24 well highthroughput attachment. Lab also has cuvette and adherent electroporation attachments

CLARIOstar multimode plate reader

Reader allowing for multiple functional cell assays. System has added fluorescence polarization, ALPHAScreen, and full cell incubation control (temperature, CO2, and O2)

-80 Freezer

Dedicated -80C storage

Cell Culture Hood

6 foot hood

Cell Culture

Bead based media heating to reduce contamination and centrifuge for spinning cells

Liquid handeling

Full set of automated pipettes including size adjustable multi-channel and down to 16 well handling for 384 plates.